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Welcome to The Virtual Mall!

If you would like to see what a shop does, hover your mouse over their logo and a description will be displayed. To enter a shop, simply click on the shops logo on the floor plan. The shop will open in a new window, so that you can enter as many shops as you like at the same time.

To navigate between floors, click on the escalator's to go up or down a floor at a time, or click on the lift to go straight to a specific floor. Every floor has a mall directory to help you find a specific shop, or specific type of shop easily.  

The fifth floor is a personal floor where you can add your favourite shops. Why remember all the different web addresses, when you can have all your favourite shops in one place?

CLICK HERE to start creating your own personal floor.

We have a fortnightly newsletter to tell our users of special offers within shops in The Virtual Mall, and also to advise of new shops and new developments within The Virtual Mall. To register for our newsletter CLICK HERE.

The Virtual Mall was developed to make shopping on the Internet easier, so if there are any comments you have to help us improve, please click on the feedback button above and let us know. We welcome feedback good and bad, so be completely honest!

Click Here to enter The Virtual Mall and start shopping.

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